Are you an artist?

Our mission is to enable you to focus on creating music while leaving the hustle of marketing to us. Simply create a representable CV-like profile that includes your music and lifestyle via Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram and let repArtist do its magic. We are working really hard to rally all event organizers into our platform and eager to offer work for you!

Are you an event organizer?

Our mission is to enable you to find the perfect artist for your event with a simple search. Simply decide what type of artist and genre are you looking for and where. Then choose the right one from the represented artists and make an offer that cannot be refused. We are working really hard to rally all the artists into our platform and eager to work with you!

Where did repArtist idea come from?

During my college years I used to party a lot. Many years of love for electronic dance music led to a DJ set purchase and first experiments with playing for an audience at house parties. My new role made me think about the process of becoming a professional artist and I figured that in order to perform, I would have to meet the right people because music industry relies heavily on networking. More so, me and my buddy wanted to throw an underground drum and bass party but we had hard time finding the DJs. Such problems motivated me to digitalize and simplify the music industry so that the artists could focus on creating music and organizers would have access to a wide range of musicians with a click of a button. And repArtist was born!

– Johannes Nõges, CEO of repArtist