About - repArtist
Why do we exist? (not a philosophical question)

Universe strives towards complexity. Rocks became plants, fish became humans... It cannot stop here though, everything must progress towards perfection. As a fellow part of it all, we believe in technological advancement - an evolution of making life more efficient. Creating a collaboration platform which strives to reform the music industry, we make life easier for artists and organizers.

How does it work?

We want to give the artists an opportunity to take matters into their own hands by initiating collaborations in a professional way - contacting desired organizers and using repArtist profile as a CV. But not only that. Furthermore, repArtist platform is meant to be used as the official booking method - receive collaboration offers from organizers all over the world! For organizers, we made searching for desired artists miraculously easy. Use repArtist’s dedicated search engine to select your favorites and make collaboration offers - totally free of charge! RepArtist is the new standard in music industry.

The crew

Johannes Nõges
Kermo Lindma
Toomas Erik Anijärv
Pavel Borunov

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