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Alen Dzey


About me

Alen Dzey – a young producer from Estonia. He has studied at music school, where he learned to play piano and flute, which resulted with big interest in electronic music and from there on, he started discovering a new world for himself.

Alen started his DJ career in the year 2010, with his original name “AlenJ”. 2011 was a remarkable step forward for him as he got a chance to be one of the artists at “Airport Jam”, which then was one of Estonia’s biggest electronic music festivals.

2012 was a great year for Alen as he and his friend combined to create a DJ-duo called “Subleon”, producing multiple songs together. Thanks to the previous connection by Alen, “Subleon” were one of the artists again at “Airport Jam” in year 2014.

In 2016, the name “AlenJ” was no longer, as the name changed to “Alen Dzey” and during that year. During 2016, he also was an active DJ in the Estonian nightclub industry.

In 2017, the DJ-duo “Subleon” played at the “Weekend Festival Baltic”, which is one of the biggest music festivals in the Baltics. After that, Alen decided to continue his solo-career. Alen Dzey’s main genre has evolved around House music (Progressive House, Electro House, Future House). Since music has no boundaries, then while producing, there will always be something new and exciting.

Alen Dzey’s goal is to bring energetic and enthralling music to the people, in order to do that, he brings out both today’s and old-school trends. On every occasion that he is playing as DJ at clubs or festivals, he prioritizes that people would get an euphoric and a memorable experience, and of course with that, the will to see and hear Alen again behind the DJ set.

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