Alex SLK

Alex SLK


About me

My name is Alex.
I'm d&b producer & DJ from Riga, Latvia.

My music is released & forthcoming on labels such as:
- Boey Audio (biggest up&coming label based in Ireland).
- Citate Forms (respectable Russian D&B label)
- Faceless Audio (biggest free D&B platform)
- Delta 9 Recordings (big Italian D&B label)
- Diamond Audio (D&B label by Bou)
- T3K Recordings (deep D&B label based in Germany)
and on some smaller labels like Forged Recordings (UK), Clawhammer Recordz (UK), Modular Carnage Recordings (UK/DE), Tesseract Recordings (UK).

Support & music played by artists:
Bou, Doc Scott, DJ Marky, Black Barrel, EastColors, Homemade Weapons, Objectiv, Kumarachi, Silvahfonk & Jaybee.

I've played on numerous D&B events in Latvia, most of them in headlining slots.
Also I was invited to Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, Croatia (Membrain Festival 2019) & Slovenia.
My UK debut is going to be on 11th of October in Manchester, on Dispatch Recordings night.

I'm humble & calm person who enjoys travelling for the sake of music and connecting with members of our scene from all over the world.
Most of the events I'm used to go with my wife since both of us share the love for broken riddims :)

My personal contacts are:
+37126789755 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber)

Peace and thank you for reading!

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