Ingredient (Sound Traffik)

Ingredient (Sound Traffik)


About me

Born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. In year 2004 first time downloaded Traktor app and after that i wanted to be a DJ. First time in year 2005 i played in bar in Vilnius and after that I became DJ INGRIDIENT. In year 2008 i became resident in Power Partyzone radio show, and at the same time I started to know more about progresive house , minimal and techno music styles. In year 2013 my friend opened rave club "Spot". In that club i organized just rave events with drum and base and techno stages. In one of those events I met with sound traffic leader DJ RUBIN. And we started to play together. In year 2014 we created Grand halloween event , which became legendary later. At that event I played with these DJ: Pig and Dan , Robert Babicz , Spartaque , Spektre , Nierech , Devid Dega , Tom Hades , Ronny Vergara , Ruiz Sierra ...

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