About me

With his first Ep. "Reborn" hitting first place in the Hard Techno releases charts and his Remix "Resolution" went up to #4 place in the Techno Hype charts Martin K4rma is starting to be Finland's one of the most promising and growing Techno producers.

His roots come from Estonia with his own father being a respected classical pianist in the Nordics and getting a lot of classical training from him since a very young age. He started to play the Piano from the age of seven and quickly fell in love with the expression of music and especially performing it to an audience.
After playing the piano and bass for years he started to gain interest in the world of Djing. At the age of 15, he had his first gigs as a DJ and Martin hasn't looked back since.
"Music is one of the few things in the world what brings us together as race in peace, unity, and love. I think Techno is more of a culture than just musical genre, it's self-expression, its freedom, and its love."

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