About me

Psylirium, (formerly known as Dj Deliirium or Liquicid) is the Psychedelic project of Andreas Valgemäe or NeoXx.
He discovered Psytrance in 2015 or 2016 but wasn't impressed,
since he was trying his hand out with different instruments and after that remixing.
At a party in 2017 he started to understand the magical side of PsyTrance and knew what he wanted to do.
So he started studying the dj tables and has done it ever since.

He is known to make his sets with no limit in speed and test the boundaries as far as it can!

Motto: The darker, faster the better.

The Psy genres that define me
*Hi-Tech PsyTrance - The young rebellious side of me.
*Dark Forest Psy - Defines the Dark, mysterious side of me.
*Psychedelic Chill/Dubstep - Defines the calm and peace inside of me

I also play different genres also from othere music styles:

My idol is: Technical Hitch

Youtube videos