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Hello my name is Nerimantas (Nexus Beat) I'm dj & producer from Lithuania. To get to know me more quickly, I will introduce you to a brief history of my musical life. So I started to have an interest in music for fifteen years. At the same time, I started playing and organizing parties in my town. At the age of eighteen I had a proposal to become a resident in one of the newly opened night bars in Klaipeda. I was a resident of it for three years, and during that time I became acquainted with the various organizers and the owner of the night clubs from whom I received a variety of offers. I can safely say that at the moment I have accumulated quite a few experience in terms of playing in nightclubs, in other words I am not a novice and I can usually find a common language when considering my own and customer's expectations and preferences. At the moment, I devote my greatest attention to quality music creation and of course DJ activities.

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