Steps To Synapse

Steps To Synapse


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Steps to Synapse is an Estonian band formed in the costal Summer capital Pärnu back in 2013. Describing their musical language as modern soul, Steps to Synapse aims to give every listener positive vibes, warmth and the feeling of utter relaxation. The music is suitably sensual and honest, never hiding what’s going on.

Steps to Synapse has released an EP ,,Desires” (2015), LP ,,The One” (2017). The latter was also named record of the week by radio station Raadio 2 and the single ,,Fire” from it stayed in top of a tv program called TOP7 for weeks. The band has given many concerts around Estonia, including festivals like Intsikurmu, Tallinn Music Week, Augustiunetus, Võnge, Indiefest. They have also performed in Lithuania and China, which was prodcasting live across some of the chinese tv channels.

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