Mastering The Use of repArtist

Mastering The Use of repArtist

17. Jul 2019

Fulfill your potential by mastering repArtist

A great machinery engineered to serve its operator is only limited by the operators' will to co-operate with the machine. As with any technical product, mastering the use of repArtist will benefit its user a tenfold more than a disinterested operator. To help every interested user achieve its goals with repArtist, we have put together this illustrated article.

1. Your profile

Your profile is the most important aspect of your success with the platform. This is your CV. This is what you present for the organizers who will evaluate you and decide whether or not you will fit their vision of a suitable performer.

2. Applying for partnership

Music industry is all about partnerships. Partners is what makes a successful artist. RepArtist aims to enable you to have partnerships all over the world. It is up to you to take the chance and apply.

3. Applying for event

Gigs are an artist’s way of making some real money. Maybe you have a weekend schedule open and see an event coming up in your local nightclub. Feel free to apply for this event on our platform.

4. Stay tuned with repAnews

Besides being an international gig-seeking network for artists, repArtist is also putting a lot of effort on keeping you informed about music industry. RepAnews is all about interviews, how-to articles, reviews, etc.

5. How to get featured

We monitor you all the time, in a good way of course. We take care of our Residents and support by featuring them in our official social media channels. If you have a new song or cool event coming up - tell us, we will get you the exposure you deserve.

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