How "Cheers!" stopped being just a drinking phrase

How "Cheers!" stopped being just a drinking phrase

14. Dec 2018

Cheers – the most popular club in Viljandi, Estonia. Viljandi is a small town in South Estonia and it is very important for repArtist because 3/4 of our team has grown up in there. We had an interesting conversation with the club owner, Valter Vaha.

Valter started to mix music over 10 years ago and has been the owner of Club Cheers for 6 years now. His interest for dance music made him a DJ when he was just 16 years old and after that he started to organize his own events. He & his friends arranged parties everywhere they saw potential, from club events to underground parties. The group was perfect – everyone had their own special traits which they used for organizing amazing events.

The idea to create a nightclub came naturally. They had a functioning team and they found the place easily. It was new for them and Valter mentioned how they had no idea how their idea is eventually going to turn out. The most unexpected challenge for creating a nightclub was the interior design. It was not easy to imagine the interior by considering all the important factors – how people move, comfort, access to a bar, dancefloors, etc. All they knew was that their club was not going to be a huge empty hall.

The name “Cheers” did not come easy but it was simple and catchy. When the club was about to be ready and they still did not had the perfect name, the four founders decided to brainstorm. They wrote down approximately 80 words and finally the best one won – Cheers! There were other words which almost got the win but right now Valter said that he could not imagine anything else for the name of his nightclub.

Furthermore, we asked Valter what advice would he give to a starting organizer or club owner. He gave us a simple but specific answer – you have to follow trends. Show-business runs periodically – there are times when nightclubs are more crowded than bars and there are times when it is the opposite. He thinks that if he opened the doors for Club Cheers for the first time today, it would not be a hit like it was 6 years ago. Trends change in fast pace and they depend on multiple aspects – from time to location itself. For example, Viljandi is not an easy town to own a successful nightclub because most of the youth there leave the place after they finish high school.

Cheers was initiated by a group of four but right now Valter is the only owner of the club. About two years ago he decided to buy out the other shareholders. Owning a nightclub takes a lot of effort but now he finds it a bit boring because it is not challenging anymore. Valter is already seeking for new entrepreneurial adventures in entertainment industry and politics. Currently, he is looking for his successor or successors who could keep the club as wild as it has been in the previous years. Could this be YOU?

But how often does the owner of Club Cheers take time off to attend club parties himself? Well, if your “office” is a nightclub then would you want spend your free days in an office? That means Valter does not visit other club events too often but he also mentioned it is important to attend good parties from time to time in order to stay in touch with party trends. He had more time for that when Cheers he was not the only owner of the club – he even managed to travel the world back then. He visited many exotic places and saw how different it is to own a club in Estonia than in Bali for example. Again, it depends on the location a lot.

Next up we wanted to know how Valter as an event organizer finds his artists. It all goes through the Internet for him. He even imagined how hard it could have been a couple of decades ago when there was no Internet – back then you had to have a contact with artists through agencies. Now it is much easier, things are only getting better.

The whole process of creating a club started from love towards partying and making music. As an artist, Valter still plays the disk jockey from time to time but he does it from pure joy and therefore picks parties where he can play his favorite music – funk, disco & soul. He mostly finds himself behind the DJ booth in Tallinn because the demand for these genres are low in Viljandi. He likes these genres because they are golden and timeless. Nowadays pop and electronic music often reach the top of charts but are forgotten soon. The most important question for our interviewees is what song they would pick for robbing a bank. Valter did not even hesitate and said an absolute classic for his getaway car music – Ambitionz Az A Ridah by 2Pac.

The owner of Club Cheers most wanted to thank all the people who have visited his nightclub. It is the crowd who makes the party a blast. He expects all the best party animals to attend Hype The Funk Christmas Party on December 25 th ! You want to be there and see what a real Christmas party looks like – best artists & best crowd guaranteed!

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