PK - 15 years of Hip-Hop in Estonia

PK - 15 years of Hip-Hop in Estonia

14. Mar 2019

PK is an Estonian rapper who is celebrating its 15th year of rap career this Friday. His real name is Joosep Vau and he is an alternative / new school hip hop artist living in Tallinn. In his early days, PK started to show interest in making music after he got inspiration from an artist called Chalice, also an Estonian musician. Joosep bought his first mic on 2003 and thought to himself that if Chalice got famous out of blue, why could not he do the same.

The name “PK” was not the first choice for Joosep. When he started out, his stage name was “Under” - named after his favorite poet Marie Under. Later he realized he needed a fresh name that would describes specifically him. „PK“ goes for „Painduv Keel“ which means flexible tongue in Estonian. PK has no problems coming up with multiple words with different tempos and rhythms. PK = flow.

„Melancholy“ is the word PK uses to describe all of his music. Having a lot of emotions of melancholy is great from artistic point of view but on the other hand, it generates more overall stress into his life outside the music. On 2007, PK had a stroke – this is one of the reasons why his music reflects adversity and hardship. On the good note, he feels like this was his rebirth which made him more complete.

At the beginning of his rap career, PK started out as an MC battle rapper. He was even invited to Õllesummer (a legendary beer festival in Estonia) when he was just 16 years old. But overall, it is definitely not easy to find gigs in Estonia. Musicians mostly get gigs through acquaintances and contacts. The biggest breakthrough in his career was 5 years ago when he was invited to perform a gig at EHHF (Estonian Hip Hop Festival). This was a huge milestone for him.

During his 15 years of rap career he has learned one thing for sure – do what you feel like doing and do not listen to others too much. Even if you fail, you learn. Other people are not always ignorant and sometimes it is important to consider their advice. But the most important advice you need is from your own heart.

If you are a fan of Hip Hop, you definitely do not want to miss out PK’s 15th anniversary party. He promised repArtist his performance at “PK 15 aastat LIVE + kräu” will be more personal and with more soul than ever before. “More nostalgic”, as he said. Furthermore, Tallinn Music Week is almost here and you can see PK over there too.

One last important question we asked: “What song would you listen to during a bank robbery?” The answer was Lil Wayne - Amili.

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